The ultimate list of websites where you can sell books

According to some statistics, almost every household in the United States, and probably around the globe, owns at least one book. With the emergence of so-called e-readers and tablets, more and more people are turning to eBooks which mean that the old books they have at home are almost useless to them. Modern technology has made it easy to create an eBook too. In any case, there are still many people who are prepared to pay in order to get a classic, paper book. Due to the fact that the list of websites where people can sell books is increasing every year, it would be best to create a list of reliable websites. This is where this article comes into play.

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The obvious choice

The most popular and obvious choice is to use the world’s most developed online marketplaces – eBay and Amazon. It’s worth mentioning that Amazon actually started as an online book store, but today people can buy anything they want from this store from beauty products to car parts. But, the best thing about it is that you can also sell items including books. Almost every adult person can sign up and make a seller account on eBay and Amazon. You can use this account to sell books and other things.

Specialized websites

In addition to these extremely useful and popular websites, people can sell their unwanted books through websites that are specially designed for this purpose. Luckily, there is more than one good website like this to choose from. Textbookz, Alibris, Powell’s Books, Chegg, eCampus, Big Words, Cash 4 Books and Book Scouter are some of the best options you have. All these websites have proven that they are reliable and you can find hundreds of positive reviews about them online.

The vast majority of these book markets on the Internet work in a similar fashion. Potential sellers should enter the unique ISBN number found on the back of the book close to the UPC label to get a quote. In some cases, you will get a quote right away and other websites are sending emails after a few hours. After that, you should print the shipping label (most of the website are taking care of the shipping costs), place the books in a standard package and put the shipping label on it. In the end, just send the books off.
When the books are received and checked, you can expect the payment. Many of the sites we’ve mentioned in this article are allowing PayPal transactions for their users and some of them allow payments with checks. Of course, some of them have both options.

In case you are interested in selling fiction books, you will notice that you have fewer options which is quite natural because we are talking about a specific type of books. What you should know is that this market is limited. In other words, people are not showing much interest in fiction books. Yet, you have a few solutions if you want to sell fiction books online like Amazon, Powell’s Books, AbeBooks, and eBay. You can also use the Amazon Trade-In program which won’t provide you cash, but it will help you get useful Amazon codes.
We should also mention that you can use social media platforms like Facebook to sell books online. You can also sell  books online with Shopify. There are many groups that are focused on this activity and you can get involved in their activities. You can create a page or group on your own. In fact, you can also invest in building a website where you can sell your stuff including books.

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