How To Create an eBook in 5 Simple Steps

How To Create an eBook in 5 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a great eBook? In this article we will cover all the work needed to create the perfect eBook for your needs.

Alright. Once you define the purpose of your e-book creation, what you are willing to achieve with the eBook, you are ready to start the process. Whether it’s a lead magnet, value for your clients or website visitors, or you just want to get to sell the eBook online – define the purpose.

Here are the five simple steps to create an online ebook:

  1. Prepare the manuscript and list of contents.

Once you have the content prepared, define what type of content you are going to use to provide value with the eBook you are about to create. If you run a blog, you can combine few blog posts and edit the transition between them to complete the meaning of the ebook. Use Microsoft Word or Google Word for this purpose. Once that is done, define the list of content so you can make the structure of the book.

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  1. Editorial checkup and proofreading.

This eBook you are creating is about to bring value for you, perhaps even profits, so invest a bit in hiring a professional editor to check the content and if it’s grammatically well done and that it delivers a message. Have a professional proofread the whole thing.

  1. Features.

Do some swiping and check other popular eBooks from your niche. You can use links from the list of content for quick navigation or even include this feature along the book as well if it’s lengthy. You can select various designs or even call-to-action buttons that connect with your website if you are going solely online – and provide a version that is for print only.

  1. Design and looks.

Always choose US standard paper size or A5/A4 of the international paper size choices. Than select a template and design feel that you’d like to run trough the ebook so the reader can enjoy a bit of visual connection with the content you’ve provided. You can use custom designs or stock images to deliver or visualize the content of the ebook.

  1. Always go with PDF.

If you are happy with the final layout and content, it’s time to have the eBook ready for delivery. Most of the eBooks, well 90% for sure, are delivered in PDF version – yet, you can go for Kindle version as well.

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