Few Things You Should Know before You Sell eBooks Online on your Website

Few Things You Should Know before You Sell eBooks Online on your Website

Do you own a website? In this article we will explain why it’s way better to start selling ebooks online trough your website, than any other place you find online.

Alright. The eBook market is over saturated and chances are that all the topics are covered by other authors. However, most of the people just convert their blog posts in order to create incentives and lead magnets to get people sign up for their newsletters and mail lists.

Why not use your website to create higher profits with selling ebooks online, than giveaway all the value for free? Here is why using your website for eBook sales is way better.

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  1. Higher profits.

Yes, I already mentioned that before – but it’s very correct. It’s a great opportunity to use the site as a sales portal and get some higher ROI instead of placing your ebook somewhere else and give commissions per sale to other web owners. Websites like Amazon and Create Space will cut you up to 50% in royalties for selling your ebooks online.

If you are the first stop for buyers that want to buy your eBook, you get to keep all the profits. Isn’t that sweet? Plus, you don’t have to be on any paid plans or royalty plans that other website owners require for selling your ebook online.

  1. Flex Prices.

Since you are keeping 100% of the profits of your eBook sales, you can play with the price however you want. Create various promotions and discounts, do price incentives, bundle the eBook with other digital products or eBooks or provide different versions of the eBook for a different price.

  1. No Royalties and More Control.

If you have full control over your sales you get to keep all the profits. Teaming up with Amazon for example will cut you 35% + royalties per sale – and you will get really low profit margin per selling an ebook online. Plus, you don’t rely on anyone else and you can create your own terms instead of agreeing to other platforms terms of use.

To step up your game, instead of paying royalties to eBook platforms you can give a small commission to affiliates and in return you will have massive promotion for your eBook online as they would benefit from selling the eBooks.

Ofcourse, having your own website as main platform or shop for selling your eBooks means investing in marketing and exposure – yet, however you do the math, the ROI is much bigger then selling the eBooks on other book platforms.

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